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Seventy images for Hundred Days, a book, an exhibition, a new way to learn about Waterloo and the end of Napoleon

Two hundred years ago Napoleon escaped from the little island of Elba… How many books, exhibitions, historical novels… had you read about that event, about these “Hundred Days”, the landing at Golfe Juan, the battle of Waterloo?…

Don´t answer.

Just read the sample that Hibernian soldier books offers to you. There you will discover a new and easy way to learn History. A book but as well an exhibition that will show you  the battle that changed History from new and original points of view.

If you -teacher, scholar, researcher, librarian, simple reader, fan of the napoleonic wars…- purchase “Seventy images for hundred days” we can assure you that you will get quality information about these awesome events…

In our book, seventy different images of historical weapons, engravings, documents, military figurines… will show you new faces, new objects, new subjects on that decisive historical fact. And all that without leaving home!

There are other ways to learn more on the historical subject that will be the paramount cultural event of the year 2015, but there are none so complete, so easy and so cheap to get quality information on Waterloo, the greatest victory of Lord Wellington, the highest hour of Napoleon…

Napoleon says: here it is your free sample of “Seventy images for hundred days”Image of Epinal. Napoleon at Marengo (c. 1830). Thge Reding collection

Seventy images for 100 days, sample 

Try it and you will be in the correct side of this bicentenary of Waterloo!

How to purchase “Seventy images for hundred days”:

The different Amazon stores offer you this book at the lowest prizes. It is just one click beyond


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The spanish corner (I)

Waterloo de los Pirineos, portadaAre you one of those fortunate human beings that can read in spanish?

Then, perhaps, you will like to purchase one of the most curious books on the campaign of Waterloo: El Waterloo de los Pirineos“.

This paper book contains both exclusive images of the monuments or places where the battle was fought and engravings of two unknown spanish generals who “were there”, at Waterloo or invading, again, the bonapartist France that should to surrender to the Seventh Coalition.

In a nut sell: this uncommon book explains in full detail the situation in the spanish border during these last “Hundred Days” of Napoleon.

Take advantage of this great opportunity!!

And remember that just a few hundreds will enjoy this rare book!!*

But first read, for free, a little sample:



El Waterloo de los Pirineos, muestra, sample






How to purchase this book:

The price of “El Waterloo de los Pirineos” is 12, 48 euros. That NOT includes postage and packing.

To purchase a copy of the book is easier than to be emperor of France two hundred years ago and safer.

Just contact our international distributor CELESA, right here


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